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Our adjusters have settled Millions in commercial and residential claim settlements. Don't settle for less, get the money you deserve on your claim.

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We are your guide through the claim process

Small or large loss, commercial or residential, our experienced public adjusters are ready to fight for your claim.

Our Services

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We start with a FREE insurance claim consultation and policy review

Tell us about your claim, we are here to help.

Are your damages covered? Our licensed adjusters will carefully review and analyze your policy including any endorsements, exclusions, and limitations to develop the best strategy moving forward.

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We then provide a FREE thorough property inspection

Leaving no stone unturned, we focus on the details.

Our public adjuster’s trained eye will identify damages that may have gone unseen by yourself, your team and your insurance company’s adjuster. We use the latest state of the art equipment to assist in identifying and mapping damage. Documenting damage and repair methodologies that ensure all scope of work issues are included in your claim.

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Once you hire us, we then estimate & appraise your damages

Don’t worry about having to collect bids.

Let us do the heavy lifting, our experienced team will prepare a comprehensive claim package involving repair & replacement valuation estimates of your damages that are backed by industry trade vendors and expert reports. Preparing your line itemized estimate on the leading software used by the entire industry, called Xactimate.

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We negotiate and maximize your claim settlement

We don't get paid unless you get paid.

Together with our aggressive claim strategy and a detail documented claim package, our skillful negotiators ensure that all your rights under the policy are met with the best outcome on your claim. Equitable claim payments that address the maximum benefit to your loss is what our firm takes pride in everyday. Best of all, we do not get paid until you get paid!

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Why do I need my own adjuster?

Hiring your own adjuster pays for itself.
  Logo Omega PA Relying only on the Insurance Company's Adjuster
Explain your rights & what you're entitled to under the policy Is Included Not Included
Team of experts on your side representing you Is Included Not Included
Fully documenting your damages Is Included Not Included
Estimating & Appraising all your damages Is Included Not Included
Helping you avoid missed deadlines and pitfalls Is Included Not Included
Only gets paid if you get paid Is Included Not Included

Your insurance company has an adjuster, you should have your own.

Call us today 24/7 for a free claim consultation (888) 311-1771

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Omega Public Adjusters has you covered anywhere in Florida.

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